Environmental and Community Engagement Policy

Currawong Resources is committed to identifying and communicating with its stakeholders, particularly landowners and occupiers who may be directly or indirectly affected by exploration activities.

Consultation with the relevant land managers/owners early in the planning process will ensure that all relevant community stakeholders are identified.  A register of community contacts will be recorded throughout the life of the exploration licence.

Most of the licence is on Crown Land and will not affect local residents.  Consent will be sought from the landowner before any activities are undertaken on their land.  No direct ground exploration activities will be undertaken within built-up township areas.

Currawong will listen to and address the concerns of the community regarding exploration activities and will work with landowners when planning activities to ensure landowners are not disadvantaged or inconvenienced.

For any questions or concerns stakeholders may have regarding this EL application, please contact us on the number listed in the above notice.

Currawong Resources is committed to minimising or where possible avoiding environmental impact and will work in accordance with the Guidelines as determined by the Victorian Government and will facilitate effective rehabilitation of all disturbed areas.  No wetlands, waterways or lakes will be impacted by exploration activities.

Assess & Manage Environmental Risk:

We will identify and control any risk of change to the environment in all aspects of planning and operations through a documented risk assessment and management process.

Minimise Environmental Impact:

We will utilise and design exploration methods that avoid or minimise any negative Environmental impact. We will work with the community with the aim of reducing our Environmental impact whilst achieving mutually acceptable rehabilitation outcomes.

Respect Stakeholder’s Interest:

We will identify and show consideration for the rights and concerns of relevant landholders and all other parties that have legitimate interest in our exploration activities. To achieve this we will ensure that all employees and contractors are aware of their role in implementing company environmental responsibilities, policies and commitments.

Provide Training:

We will provide all employees with the skills and resources required to safely perform their tasks and to fulfil their environmental responsibilities.

Promote Continuous Improvement:

Our aim is to continually improve environmental management practices and performance. To achieve this we will regularly inspect, audit and monitor environmental performance, seeking continuous improvement.

Communicate Our Performance:

We will communicate our environmental aims and objectives to our employees, contractors, the community and other relevant stakeholders, ensuring they understand their responsibilities to the environment in which we operate.

Fulfil Our Legal Obligations:

We will operate in compliance with relevant legislation, codes of practice, best practice and community expectations. We are committed to pollution prevention and waste minimisation and have the appropriate response plans in place for potential emergencies.


The Environmental Policy covers all aspects of our operations including exploration, transport and site rehabilitation

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