Environmental and Community Engagement Policy

We want to bring shared value to the communities we operate within as well as ensuring that we hold ourselves to a high level of environmental standard.

We believe trust, communication and respect are the fundamental pillars of relationships, and we are committed to proactively building strong relationships with our stakeholders and local communities, particularly landowners and occupiers, who are an integral part of our exploration projects.

We understand that we have an important responsibility to uphold excellent environmental practices, ensuring we protect our native flora and fauna. Currawong Resources is continually assessing environmental risks and regularly monitors its environmental performance to ensure we are always meeting regulatory requirements and community expectations.

Rehabilitation is an important part of our exploration process. Currawong Resources works in accordance with the guidelines by the Victorian Government and will facilitate effective rehabilitation of all disturbed areas. No wetlands, waterways or lakes will be impacted by our exploration activities.

To get in touch with a member of Currawong Resource’s community relations team or learn more about our commitment to social responsibility, please see the below contact information:

Phone: 0429 822 364

Email: community@currawongres.com.au

Our teams are rigorous in assessing any risks to the community or native flora and fauna. We identify and control any risks of change to the environment or community through a documented risk assessment and management process prior to the start of, and during all exploration activities.

Ensuring we uphold an excellent standard of environmental practice is a priority for all of our team. We will utilise and design exploration methods that avoid or minimise any negative environmental impacts. We will work with our community stakeholders to reduce any environmental impact whilst achieving mutually acceptable rehabilitation outcomes.

Respect is one of our fundamental social values. We understand residents and stakeholders are passionate about their communities. We identify and show genuine consideration for the rights and perspectives of all relevant stakeholders of our exploration activities. To achieve this, we ensure that every Currawong Resources employee or contractor understands the importance of their role in upholding company environmental and community responsibilities, policies and commitments.

We want every interaction between our employees, contractors and community members to leave a lasting, positive impact and for our stakeholders to have trust in our people and processes. All Currawong Resources employees are provided with training to ensure they are equipped with the resources required to safely perform their tasks and to fulfil their environmental and social responsibilities.

We are always looking for ways we can improve our environmental and social management practices. To achieve this, we regularly inspect, audit and monitor our processes and performance. We also welcome feedback from our community stakeholders as to how we can improve our social and environmental practices.

Communication is another one of our fundamental social values. We aim to communicate honestly with our employees, contractors, communities and other relevant stakeholders to ensure our environmental aims and objectives are understood and delivered. We want our people and communities to be empowered by having open, honest conversations about our environmental and social responsibilities.

We will always operate in compliance with all relevant legislation, codes of practice and community expectations. We are committed to achieving our pollution prevention and waste minimisation targets and have the appropriate response plans in place for potential emergencies.

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