Currawong Resources Pty Ltd (Currawong) is an Australian-based resource company operating from Bendigo, with exploration projects across regional Victoria. We are wholly owned by Fosterville South Exploration Ltd, listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: FSX).

Currawong was founded in 2014 with the aim of exploring regional Victoria for large scale, high-grade gold and base metal deposits. Since Currawong’s acquisition by Fosterville South Exploration in 2019, we have raised significant capital to steadily increase our exploration portfolio, securing diverse tenement packages across the state.

Our current projects include:

Victoria has a rich history of gold exploration and discovery throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and today is still home to some of the highest-grade gold deposits in the world. We want to build on this legacy by utilising today’s technology and geological advancements to develop historical workings and discover their further, untapped potential.

At Currawong, we understand that we have an important responsibility to uphold excellent environmental and social practices. We adopt a proactive approach to protecting our local environments and communities.

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